It is strictly said that when you are surveying markets for getting your hands on an amplifier, do not get the one you first plug onto. No wonder, it may seem really good to you, but there are a lot of better options that you have probably missed and haven’t looked into as yet. In order to find the best onkyo amplifier, make sure you are following the below tips to get the perfect one for yourself.

Digital, Tube or Solid State

When it comes to finding the perfect amplifier, there are three types of best onkyo in Australia that are available; tube, solid state and digital. However, tube is the kind which is considered to be the best of all the available options. But a lot of people still buy solid state and digital kind as they also offer a really good quality of sound and are less costly along with less maintenance as well. If you want to decide amongst all three, we suggest you to take a blind listening test.


Choosing an amp should be purchased while considering the application you are going to use it for as well as the size of the place where you will have it installed at. If you live in a small apartment and require an amplifier for the use of home recording only, a 100 watt amp would be too much for that. Similarly, a 10 watt amp is not favorable especially when you want to use for your music band. As a rule of thumb, make sure you are getting an amplifier which matches the room size as well as the usability of an individual.

Sound of Power

There are three sources that causes distortion in sound quality which are the subwoofer speaker, the preamp and the power amp. A lot of people tend to overlook the distortion that arises from the power amp. This is the reason why people should check the power of the amp by turning the volume up and down to check the quality of sound that comes from it.

Channel Surfing

One of the factors that should be taken into account is the fact that players who are professionals or are under training, tend to use different kind of tones, however, if you are someone who just requires a basic clean sound then you would definitely require an amp that comes with more than three channels and also the one that comes with a separate EQ control that is needed for each channel.

Hope the above details helped you in finding the right kind of amplifier that you had been looking to invest in at.